Early Learning Centers

Bongi* is three years old and loves anything with wheels. He has one small, metal car with rubber wheels, which he carries everywhere he goes. Bongi’s mother, Flora, works at a clothes shop in town and she drops Bongi off at one of the Palabora Foundation’s early learning centres on her way to work each morning.

Skills Development

Thabang*, 20, is unemployed. He dreams of running his own company but has no idea how to go about it. Thabang wants to learn carpentry, as he already has some skill in the basics of making furniture. He hopes he can start a small business and marry his girlfriend Maria, whose family is concerned about

PROTEC & Technokidz

Tumi* is a bright 14-year-old learner from a rural village about 20km outside Phalaborwa town. His family can afford to send him to a rural high school but they have no local library and no internet service. His prospects of attending university are slim due to the family’s financial circumstances and the rural school’s inability to

Child-headed Households

Kedibone* is 12 years old and looks after her two younger siblings instead of attending school. Their mother died from tuberculosis last year and their father disappeared years ago. Kedibone and her siblings scavenged the local rubbish dump for food and clothing until recently, when the Palabora Foundation came to their village and identified them as

HIV & Aids

When Sophie* began to suspect that she had HIV, she avoided being tested because she knew she would be shunned by her community if they found out. When the ravages of her disease became apparent to her husband, he left her even though he was the most likely source of her HIV infection. Sophie died