Vicky Joubert – The Problem Solver

I like listening to other people and to help solve their problems. It takes my eyes off my own, and I get a lot of job satisfaction when I can do something for someone that they needed done to make their job or their life easier or better.” This defines Vicky Joubert, Human Resources Officer

Emily Mhlari – From Cleaner To Clerk

From cleaner to administrative clerk in nine years is how Emily Mhlarhi (35) defines her career path at the Palabora Foundation. And she has no intention of slowing down. With one subject left to finalise Level 6 of the National Qualification Framework – Emily hopes to enrol with UNISA’s Diploma in Office Management Programme within

Early Learning Centers

Bongi* is three years old and loves anything with wheels. He has one small, metal car with rubber wheels, which he carries everywhere he goes. Bongi’s mother, Flora, works at a clothes shop in town and she drops Bongi off at one of the Palabora Foundation’s early learning centres on her way to work each morning.